Light up shaker card

Maya isaksson chibitronics new years 2018 1

I can’t believe that 2017 is almost over, it just swished by so fast. I really look forward to seeing what 2018 is going to be like, I think there will be a lot of crafting going on at least. We’ll see. As I got to blog on one of the last days of this year I decided to make a new years themed card. It turned into a shaker card that lights up. I glitter embossed the backing panel so the lights would reflect the sparkles. I think it turned out pretty fun.

Maya isaksson chibitronics new years 2018

You can find the full instructions on how to make it over at my post at the Chibitronics blog. 

Maya isaksson chibitronics new years 2018 6

I hope your 2018 will be the best year ever. I wish you all the best and see you next year!

Supplies used:
Chibitronics Starter Kit w/ Circuit Sticker Sketchbook


White LED Stickers Pack
Copper Tape


Sugar skulls with flashing eyes

Maya Isaksson chibitronics sugar skulls

I love experimenting and trying to come up with new ways of doing things. These sugar skulls was an idea that I got and needed to try to make. The idea is that the skulls are attached on sliders and the sliders are also the switch. So you can move the heads up and down making them light up or turn off the light that way. I also added an effect sticker with heartbeat effect because let’s face it, effect stickers are super fun!

Hop on over to the post at the Chibitronics blog to see a full photo tutorial of how i made this card.

If you want to make a card like mine then you will need the following supplies from Chibitronics. The stamps are by Crafters Companion and sentiments from Heffy Doodle stamps.

Supplies: Circuit Stickers Effects Add-OnPink, Orange, Green MegaPack (30 stickers)Copper Tape,Chibi Stencil

Chibitronics and Sweet Stamp Shop collaboration

Maya isaksson chibitronics sweet stamp shop

First of all I want to welcome you to my “new” blog. It’s really just the same blog on a new adress, looks a tad bit different but hopefully you will feel like home here. Just update your bookmarks or feeds and sit back and enjoy!

Today I have made a sweet card for a collaboration between Sweet Stamp Shop and Chibitronics. It’s the last day of a full week of inspiration in the blogs so make sure to hop on over to look at all of the inspiration and of course there are prizes too! Yay!

I used this cute pup and made his had light up when pulling the tab, it’s nothing complicated but I wanted to keep it pretty clean and simple. I masked the sentiment to match my motif. I had a lot of fun making it. Check out the full post on the Chibitronic blog for all the details.

Haunted Halloween house

Happy Halloween everyone! Here in Sweden we don’t really celebrate Halloween but I still love the celebrations and all the fun spooky stuff that surrounds it. Today Chibitronics and Sizzix are having a collaboration and a I really really wanted to make a haunted house using the Tim Holtz dies. I mean, look at the house! It’s so cool and and with Chibitronics I could make it light up too. So I started building and soon discovered that I just wanted to keep adding details to it. Here’s a warning. This is a picture heavy post with pictures of both constructing the inside electronics and a lot of pictures of the outside. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you!

Maya Isaksson Haunted house chibitronics sizzix7

As you can see all the window lights up and I used different colored LEDs for different windows and also different effects for different windows. You can check out the video to see it in action.


It’s really super cool, and the secret is the ChibiChip that makes it easy to program each LEDs behaviour. It’s not hard at all, but if you aren’t into programming (which you should be because it’s super fun!) then you can use the effect stickers to achieve a similar effect.

Maya Isaksson Haunted house chibitronics sizzix9

I made a birds nest for a thieving magpie to hide it’s treasures, some little trinkets I had laying around. The nest is made from twine dipped in matte medium and wrapped around my finger and left there to harden.

Maya Isaksson Haunted house chibitronics sizzix9

I found a small tombstone in my charm box and colored it grey and added some dry grass. Packing twine cut up inte short section creates a yellow-brownish dried grass that you can glue down. And can you spot the sword in the background by the front? I made the cracked window panes using vellum and covered it with crackle accents.

Maya Isaksson Haunted house chibitronics sizzix4

I went through the kids pearls and made pumpkins out of them. The larger one was already pumpkin shaped so I just painted it and cut off the top ring. The smaller ones I painted and then rolled up green paper and put inside to act as stems. The ground itself is embossed first, using an embossing folder with round polkadots. Then I painted it and added structure by dotting my finger on the paint before it dried. I also added some different types of Distress Stickles in earthy colors and some gold micro beads that I toned down with some diluted black paint. And I cut some more of my string to create patches of dried grass.

Maya Isaksson Haunted house chibitronics sizzix2

To build the house itself I started out by cutting everything out in just plain white thick cardstock. I built the house following the instructions. Then I made wooden boards by embossing a piece of brown cardstock, cutting it into strips and then using distress ink to darken the edges a bit before gluing them to the house. I also embossed black cardstock for the roof. I used an WRMK next level embossing folder for that, it looked a bit like tin roof. For the front porch piece and the chimneys I colored it using gesso that I dyed grey and applied with a finger, just tapping the cardstock to create an uneven surface. I added gilding vax to everything to bring out the details and then I also added some different brown and black Distress stickles so it catches the light in some angles. The door and the window trimming is coated with a thicker layer of gilding vax. I also added a black raised platform to be able to fit the ChibiChip under it.

Maya Isaksson Haunted house chibitronics inside1

For the inside I created a slightly smaller house and marked the placement of the windows of the outer house.


I also cut a hole in the roof of the outer house to be able to light up the top windows too. That’s what the long flappy thing goes. Here’s a video so you can see what the inside part looks like all the way round. When copper tape overlaps I build bridges using washi tape so they won’t touch.

Maya Isaksson Haunted house chibitronics inside1

I wanted to make sure you was able to change the batteries when they ran out so I made the battery holder inside the inner house and made hinge for it to be able to flip up to change it. I have cut a hole in the bottom plate to allow the copper tape to reach the chip on the under side of the platform. The hinge also works to allow the copper tape to go over it down on the underside. I also marked what LED was which, using numbers, so I knew when later programming them.

Maya Isaksson Haunted house chibitronics inside1

Here’s the underside with the ChibiChip. Each number corresponds to one (or in some cases two) LEDs. And the GND is the negative for all of them. I made one long strip connecting the negatives leading to the left ground connection. The GND on the right side and the +3V connects to the battery. So the battery powers the chip that tells what lights to light up. You program it by connecting it to the audio port on your computer or any device really. It’s really easy, there are great instructions on how to connect and code the chip here on the Chibitronics website.

Maya Isaksson Haunted house chibitronics sizzix2

Ti make the house not move around on the base I cut two slits in the base plate and attached strips of cardstock that I glued to the house. I can push down the cardstock flaps into the slits and fold them to keep the house secured to the ground. when I want to change the batteries it’s easy to just lift the house up and flip the inner house to the side and change the battery, and then just put back the house once again.

Maya Isaksson Haunted house chibitronics sizzix2

I hope you enjoyed my project. It is by far the funnest one I have made in a long time. These houses are so much fun. My 9 year daughter was building a house before I even got to use the dies, she was super happy to get to make it her own way and had no problems figuring out how to do it. Hers does not light up but it’s super cute.

Please stop by the Chibitronics blog for links to my DT friends who also built some amazing houses.

Here are the materials I used:

Love To Code Chibi Chip
Pink, Orange, Green MegaPack (30 stickers)
Copper Tape
White LEDs MegaPack (30 stickers)
Sizzix Bigz L Die – Village Manor Item #661591
Sizzix Bigz XL Die – Village Dwelling Item #660992

You light up my world – Chibitronics and Heffy Doodle

Maya Isaksson Chibitronics september 2017

Today I made a tutorial for the chibitronics blog on how to make this card twinkle with lights. I used the Chibitronics effect stickers, they are super fun! If you want to see how I made it, hop on over to this blog post and you can see the inside of the card and learn how to make one by yourself.


I absolutely love this happy crocodile, he is so adorable. He's from Heffy Doodle stamps, who also made the tiny press here stamp from a set that is perfect for interactive cards. I also used some of the opaque embossing powders by WOW to make the background, they look almost fluorescent against the black background. The dotted stamp is by Dylusions/Ranger ink. 

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. I think I will spend the day in the sofa, listening to a good audiobook and knitting. I think that would be an excellent way to spend the afternoon. Or should I go craft something? I really can't decide. Weekends with no plans are my favourite thing!

Chibitronics and Honey Bee Stamps bloghop

World cardmaking day is one of my favourite days of the year. I love hopping along in all the fun bloghops and always try to take part in at least one challenge somewhere. There’s a lot of fun going on around the web today. So I’m particularly excited to be a part of this hop along with Honey Bee stamps and Chibitronics. I hope you will find a lot of inspiration along the way and you have a chance to win some fun prices too.

Honeybee is giving a $25 gift certificate drawn randomly from comments left across all blogs and Chibitronics is giving away a starter kit so you too can have fun and make light up cards and other crafts . Comments will close at 11:59 ET on Sunday, October 8th and the winners will be announced next week.



I absolutely adore this stamp set called Country Blooms so that’s what I used for my card. To be honest they gave me a bit of a struggle since I was experimenting with reactive mist and foil for this card and my idea of painting the flowers with mist and then foil them wasn’t the success I was hoping for. I think more mist will solve this problem but I hate to toss anything I’ve started so I kept at it. I kinda liked the mottled effect of the foil.

I watercolored the flowers red. Well, as you can see they are not red, it looked super weird. So I sort of lifted the color and added blue instead. This was better but originally I had embossed the lines in a beautiful speckled embossing powder that did not make the flowers look flowery at all. So I embossed them again in silver (thank you MISTI for once again saving me from a bad decision) and it started looking better. When the background was in place I was actually really happy with the weird mottled flowers.

Here’s what went wrong next. I was going to diecut text that would light up, using letter dies. Well when I started looking around ALL of my dies was missing. Turns out I had left them at a craft event I went to the week before. Doh! So, what to do then? I went through my stash with really old things that I haven’t used for years and found this butterfly die that went perfectly with the flowers. It was so much better than the letters I had thought about so it all turned out well in the end but hey, this card was a struggle from start to finish! Still, I’m super happy that I did not toss it and started over.

Maya Isaksson Chibitronics Honeybee hop2

Look at the foiled gold speckles and the foil in the flowers. So pretty. And the lights from under the butterflies wings are really catching the foiled to reflect off the card. I don’t even mind having mixed gold, rose gold and silver on the same card. My OCD was screaming STOP but I pushed on.

Maya Isaksson Chibitronics Honeybee hop2

Making the card I went through the same steps as I always do when adding LEDs. I have seen some of my friends on the Chibitronic teams very neat plans for their cards. Let’s just say that I’m not a neat crafter. I’m more of a do-stuff-first-think-later kind of crafter. LEDs take a bit of planning but most mistakes is fixable when you suddenly remember you forgot to add a switch or place for the battery ;) Aaaanyways, I start by marking where the lights should be placed. In this case under the butterfly. I lifted the wings and drew small marks to see where to put them.

Maya Isaksson Chibitronics Honeybee hop2

I then drew out the circuit. As you can see, not tidy at all. No one will see the inside (except for you, but you won’t tell. Right?) I have found adding a pull switch is better for my LED cards You can sort of turn on the lights and let them shine and not have to push down on a button type switch. But it depends on the kind of effect you want too.

Maya Isaksson Chibitronics Honeybee hop2

Talking about switches. I wanted to show how I make mine. Here’s the card with the tape and LEDs in place. The switch is on the right side.

Maya Isaksson Chibitronics Honeybee hop2

 I made a T-shaped paper strip and added foam tape to the sides and as a stop to the left so you can’t push the tab all the way in. I also put tape on the T-shape BUT DON’T TAKE OFF THE PROTECTION PAPER ON TOP! (you may ask why I have to actually write that out. It’s because I’ve done it myself. More than once. Doh!) This foam tape is for pressing down the switch and making sure the connection is good. Removing the protection paper would make the switch stick to the top and not slide. 

Maya Isaksson Chibitronics Honeybee hop2

Here’s what the switch look under the sliding part. I cut off a tiny bit of the tape to break the circuit. I add copper tape to the bottom of the slide, so when it covers the gap the circuit is closed again. 

Maya Isaksson Chibitronics Honeybee hop2

And here’s my finished card. No sentiment feels a bit weird but I guess you could stamp something on the inside to fit the occasion. I hope you got inspired and keep jumping along on the list below. Have fun and have a fantastic World Cardmaking Day. 

Chibitronics supplies used:

White LED stickers pack

Copper Tape

CR2032 battery


Honey Bee Stamps…/

Amy Rysavy…/honey-bee-stamps-ch…

Eiko Uchida…/chibitronics-and-honey-bee…

Emily Midgett…/world-cardmaking-day-honey-bee-…/

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Chibitronics Blog

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Chibitronics CAS Fridays bloghop


Today I'm part of a bloghop to showcase some lovely products by Chibitronics and CAS-ual Fridays. And what’s a hop without a giveaway?!  There's a chance to win a Chibitronics starter kit and CAS-ual Friday Stamps is giving away a $30 gift card to one lucky commenter so hop along us and be prepared for lots of inspiration! 

I saw these dies called Lovely Links an I instantly knew I needed to light them up using Chibitronics LED lights. I also fell in love with the Frankly'isms stamps. I'm a sucker for funny sentiments. I really enjoyed this collaboration and had a lot of fun making my card. 

Maya Isaksson CAS Fridays Chibitronics


I made a background using different inks and then diecut the link from glitter paper and fun foam to make it a bit more dimensional. I backed the large openings with vellum so you don't see the LEDs behind them. It also gives a softer light. I heat embossed the sentiment in silver, it sort of melted in with the background on the photos but in real life it's really pretty and shiny. 

Maya Isaksson CAS Fridays Chibitronics


This collage shows the steps I took to make the card. I started by making the background and marking where I wanted the lights. I used the diecut as a template and just put it on top and drew marks for the lights. Then I cut holes for the lights and marked them on a piece of cardstock the same size as the background. This makes it easy to line up the lights after making the circuit. 

I used the Chibitronics template to mark the placement of the leds and made a holder for the battery. I then connected all negative sides of the leds with one side of the battery holder and all the positive sides to the other side. It doesn't really matter which one goes where, I just flip the battery if it doesn't light up. For some reason I always mix it up so I have stopped even trying to mark which cide is which.  I intended to make a push button switch for the lights but changed my mind later and made a tab you can pull to light up the card. I did this by cutting off a small piece of the copper tape and putting a pull tab there. Adding a bit of copper tape on the back of the tab making sure it will close the circuit when pulled out and break it when pushed in again. I made a small track för the tab, using foam tape,  so it keeps in place. I also added some fun foam to the back of the tab to make sure it will be make a connection and not lift up. It also prevents the tab from being pulled all the way out. The last thing to do is to test the circuit, making sure all the lights are connected and that the switch works. Then attach the card front and glue it all to a card base. Voila!

Maya Isaksson CAS Fridays Chibitronics

A close up on the funny text. I actually got a bracelet from a friend saying this. I had to get these stamps too when I saw this text :)


Here's a list of the rest of the participants, leave a comment on each blog and you enter to win a gift card certificate from CAS-ual Fridays stamp and a Chibitronics starter kit. Happy hopping:

Chibitronics blog
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CAS-Fridays blog

Supplies used: 

Chibitronics Pink, Orange and Green LED Stickers Pack

Chibitronics Copper tape

CAS-ual Fridays Lovely Links Frie-Dies

CAS-ual Fridays Frankly'isms