Pimp your iPhone

I had an old iPhone cover that started to look a bit shabby. I was going to get a new one but instead I got the idea to paint it with Martha Stewart Craft Paints to make it like new. These paints are great, I got a LOT of different shades and textures from Hobbyworld and I want to paint everything.


I picked one of the turqoise pearl paints and painted the whole cover a couple of times. After that I masked some areas off with washi tape to create a sunburst. I ended up covering everything with some glue and seal just in case. I would reccomend not using the matte finnish since it took some of the bling away. Also, the paint strokes are quite visible, it doesn’t bother me, I guess you could use some kind of roller or foam brush to make them less visible.  Just experiment, I used what I had at hand as I always do :)



  • Martha Stewart Craft Paint – Pearl Jet Stream, Metallic Gold, Satin Sea Lavender, Glitter Turquoise, Glitter Sugar Cube, Glitter Florentine Gold
  • Martha Stewart Craft Paint Basic Brush Set 5pc


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