A letter to me, 20 years later

Today I'm up at the WOW embossingpowder blog and this months theme is Memories. Usually I'd show you a sneak peak and send you on the way there to see but I really wanted to share this LO. You'll see why.

Some weeks ago I got this letter in my mailbox. I was so suprised when I opened it and it was from myself. In 1994 I was 17 years old and had just moved to my first own apartment. I was going to highschool and studying theatre/acting. Apparently a lot of kids got the chance through a paper that was distributed at school to write a letter to themself and have it delivered 20 years later. After doing some asking around I found out we were about 20 000 who took the chance and I really don't remember it at all. The letters was kept at a museum during these years and some will be a part of an exhibition. Pretty cool, huh? So it was quite the surprise getting it in the mail. While reading it I remembered a lot of things I forgot, and it was so much fun! When we got the assignment for WOW this month I thought it was the perfect thing to document. I didn't want to lose the letter again.


So, this is me at 17. I wrote in the letter about my hair (or rather the lack of hair) so I could easely find a photo from the same time as the letter was written. Remember, this is 1994 when Sinead O'Connor was very popular and you could wear plaid shirts and bike pants even together. And during the three years I lived in this town I had pretty much every color or hairstyle that you can imagine. 


Lettertomyself Lettertomyself2

So, what did the letter say then? It was about all the things that was important to me when I was that age. Friends, boys and music. I also gave myself some advice and they were actually kind of great. I was apparently very wise as a teenager, I think I might be like Benjamin Button and sort of age the wrong way around and actually becoming less wise as the years go. So, what was you like at 17? Would you have liked to get a letter from yourself in the mail? I think it was a great idea! I also wish I could remember writing it, I don't. Many of my friends from back then got a letter too, and it was really fun remembering stuff together. I kind of miss those years, everything was so easy and hard at the same time. It's just that the things that are easy and the things that are hard has changed. I imagine thet the hard parts are harder but they are probably not. You are just in them right now instead of remembering being in them. It's just perspective I guess. It was fun anyways, I had the best friends! I don't think I ever got that kind of friends ever again. 

Well, I'll be back yet again later today. Less rambling, more fun. See you!



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