I almost never do any sort of home decore projects, I have friends like Tesa that makes really cool stuff but I never can come up with anything I think is fun (and useful, I don't like to make stuff just because they are pretty) and will look good in our home. But the theme of the month over at WOW Embossingpowders was DIY Decor so I had to think a lot to come up with something fun to make. I started out pimping a glass jar to keep at my desk for water, I keep one close by, with a lid on, for watercoloring. That way I don't have to move my lazy butt when I want to paint something or just rinse a brush. It turned out pretty enough but it was really plain and I didn't feel like actually blogging it. Soooo, it sat out on my desk for a week or so and of course two days before deadline I saw a pretty dreamcatcher on Pinterest. I though about the ear rings I made for WOW to show at their trade shows, made out of embossed shrink plastic and thought about making beads out of shrink plastic and emboss them in the translucent colors of embossingpowders to make them catch the ligth.


I punched out some circles and hearts and made holes in them befor shrinking, after they were shrunk (the hearts are super tiny) I embossed them to match the colors of twine and ribbon I was going to use.


I made the frame out of a lid from a plastic jar containing lingonberry jam. I just cut out the middle with my craft knife. It's not really rigid so I was careful when weaving the web in the middle so it wouldn't ent up all wonky but it held up much better than I thought. 


I made the web using gold and pink metallic sewing thread, I remembered to add some of the heart shaped beads just before I was done. Will I ctach dreams of love in the web? I'll make sure to tell if I do ;)


I reacently went through my stash of ribbons and sold almost everything, just keeping the prettiest. I think I used half of the leftovers for this project. I'm glad they came to a good use. The one with tiny pom poms I bought a long time ago and really love, but I suck at using ribbon so it can look pretty on my dreamcatcher instead. I also used some feather dies to make feathers with, you can see some of them looking really close at the picture. Every dreamcatcher need feathers. I used the Fuchsia Fusin, Calypso Glitter and Vintage Romance embossing powders for my beads. Very pretty!

I wanted to tell you that my year at A Blog Named Hero is up and a new wonderful designteam has just been introduced. I loved every moment being a part of some of the most talanted bunch of people I know. I am looking forward to seeing the new team showing their creations. But a few of us from the old team is now a part of the brand new A Blog Named Hero facebook designteam. Yay! so come check out the A Blog Named Hero page at facebook, we will post projects and having lots of fun there and I would love it if you would join us there! 

That's it from me today. I'm going down to craft some. The weather sucks, rain and snow and hard winds. Perfect card-making weather. I'm going to try some of the Winnie and Walter challenges for their one year celabration, so much fun! 

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If it's crafty I have probably tried it. Or plan to try it tomorrow. I love to be creative in all ways, but I tend to gravitate to making cards, coloring and diecutting. I also have a bad yarn shopping.... ehm... KNITTING... habit. I live in Sweden with my husband, two cute minions (also known as kids) and three dogs. I work from home at a small international development company during the days, and craft while listening to audio books or follow my favourite series at nights and on weekends. I love it when I don't have to leave the house, being an introvert and socially awkward and all. That's why my slippers to shoe ratio is close to 1:1 and I'm not ashamed to admit it ;)

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