Pretty Pink Posh Watercolour Blog Hop

I'm taking part of the Pretty Pink Posh Watercolour blog hop. I'm doing the 30 days of coloring challenge hosted by Kathy at The daily marker and did this card yesterday on my "colouring time". I got the Gansai Tambi watercolours but to be honest I'm having a really hard time using them. I made this card twice trying to use them and in the end I just sprayed the second card with water, blotted it all off and used my distress inks on top of it instead. It still have some of the shimmer from the pearlescent paint form the Gansai Tambi set, and the splatters too but the gemstones are made with distress ink. I guess I need practice (and a good teacher, volunteers? Anyone?)



Klick the graphic to go to the start of the blog hop, I'm so looking forward to hopping along and looking at everyones creations. I must say that the thing I enjoy the most with the 30 days colouring challenge is this thing I do every night. After going to bed I click the hashtag for the 30 days coloring challenge and browse through all the creations for the day. So many wonderful creations. There is a hashtag for this hop too, #watercolorbloghop . I'll be sure to klick on that too to see everything. (FYI, if you are wondering why I keep spelling the word color differently all the time. In school here we learn British english, but then all I see is American english and that's what my spellcheck wants to use and so I get totally confused and keep using different spelling. So now you know. Sorry about that…)


Here's a closeup of the card. The stamps are Winnie & Walter and I adore this set called My Precious. Oh, to have that handwriting. One can only dream… Anyways, the gems are embossed with Silver Pearl embossing powder and the sentiment with Silver Sparkle embossingpowder, both from WOW. What I couldn't catch with the camera was the shimmer on the background, it's very pretty!

So, thank you for stopping by here on your way through the hop. I am really glad I could find the time to finish a project for the hop! Now I'll go pack up my crafty stuff, this weekend I'm going to take Project Life classes with Becky Higgins and also having a crafty day with my friends on Sunday. A whole weekend of fun ahead. I hope you'll have a great one too :)

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If it's crafty I have probably tried it. Or plan to try it tomorrow. I love to be creative in all ways, but I tend to gravitate to making cards, coloring and diecutting. I also have a bad yarn shopping.... ehm... KNITTING... habit. I live in Sweden with my husband, two cute minions (also known as kids) and three dogs. I work from home at a small international development company during the days, and craft while listening to audio books or follow my favourite series at nights and on weekends. I love it when I don't have to leave the house, being an introvert and socially awkward and all. That's why my slippers to shoe ratio is close to 1:1 and I'm not ashamed to admit it ;)

63 thoughts on “Pretty Pink Posh Watercolour Blog Hop

  1. You’ve chosen such lovely colors for your card. Thank you for your honest about the gansai watercolors. I’ve been on the fence about getting them and wanted to hear from someone who isn’t promoting them. KWIM?
    P.S. Love the sentiment in this set and I wish my handwriting looked that good too.


  2. Thank you so much! <3 You know what. If you send me your adress at miffot (at) gmail (dot) com I'll send it to you. And you should really be able to find me at blglovin, try copying the address instead of looking for the name. I don't use bloglovin myself but I am registered there… I would love it if you would be able to follow me there :)


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