Chibitronics meets Lawn Fawn, a match made in heaven

Ha, see what I did there? I made a space card! Feel free to groan, I know my husband will ;) Anyways. Chibitronics team up with the amazing Lawn Fawn to make some fun light up projects. Today is day three and there's a lot of fun projects to check out, I'll link to each of the posts on Chibitronics and Lawn Fawn blogs for you to check out. AND theres a surprise for you too. There is a $30 Lawn Fawn gift card and a Chibitronics starter kit (valued at $30) that will be given away randomly to two winners drawn from comments across all days and all blogs so the more you visit and comment, the better your chances to win! 

All Lawn Fawn stamps are so much fun to use with the lights, I had so many ideas but I went with this space card in the end.



Maya isaksson chibitronics lawn fawn out of this world tut8

It works like a slider card, when the little astronaut is moved down it lights up the sun and the planet holding the flag. I did some trial and error to come up with a switch that would work for this idea but luckily enough you won't have to, because I'm going to show you just how I did it. Maya isaksson chibitronics lawn fawn out of this world tut8

First step was to color all the cute images up and make a galaxy background. I rarely plan my cards in advance but I've learned that when playing with Chibitronics it's always best to start with a plan. That way you don't waste any LEDs or copper tape when making your circuit. I placed my images where I wanted them and left some space for a sentiment in the lower right corner.

Maya isaksson chibitronics lawn fawn out of this world tut8

I marked the placements of the LEDs and the track the astronaut would move up and down and made holes for the lights to shine through. I also made sure to save the rectangular piece from the track. It will later hide the white background behind the astronaut when she is in the lower parts of the track.

Maya isaksson chibitronics lawn fawn out of this world tut8

I cut a background piece to the same size as the cardfront and marked where the holes for the leds was and where the switch was. I also made somewhere for the battery to live, I had to color and cut out another planet for hiding the battery behind.

Maya isaksson chibitronics lawn fawn out of this world tut8

Then I planned my circuits. I had to make two separate circuits, one for each LED, making sure the copper tape would not cross each other. I also attached the background for the tracks and made a flap to hold the battery and to allow the copper tape to reach the other side of the battery.

Maya isaksson chibitronics lawn fawn out of this world tut8

Always make sure to test the circuit before adding the foam tape and card front. It will save you a lot of work. Ask me how I know ;) 

Maya isaksson chibitronics lawn fawn out of this world tut7

After all this was done I cut the circuit on the track for the astronaut. What! After all that work? Don't worry. I figured out how to make a switch out of a coin and some thin foam adhesive.

Maya isaksson chibitronics lawn fawn out of this world tut8

I made a track big enough for a coin to fit where the track for the astronaut was. On the backside of the coin I first placed some thin double sided foam pads and then covered them with copper tape (sorry, I forgot to take a picture). I noticed that the coin was to flat and hard to make a good connection but adding some foam made it press down to the copper tape on the card better and that made it work much better. The copper tape on the coin will now close the circuits again when in the lowest position, and when slided up it will break the circuit and make the lights go off. 

Maya isaksson chibitronics lawn fawn out of this world tut8Maya isaksson chibitronics lawn fawn out of this world tut8

I made a hole for the battery to have more room and building it in with a thin strip of foam tape. I also used a thin strip of foam tape to attach the astronaut to the coin on top of the card front. Now you are able to slide it up and down making the lights go on and off.

Maya isaksson chibitronics lawn fawn out of this world tut8

After that I just glued al the elements down again and attached it to a folded notecard in the same size. I added some glitter stars around the card to make it sparkle some more. I hope you like my project and got inspired to try something similar. 

Here are the links to Chibitronic and Lawn Fawn blogs, do check them out. There's so much inspiration there, and don't forget to comment for a chance to win!

I used the stamps and dies from Lawn Fawns Out of This World sets, together with the smily face dies in the die set Make Me Smile. Supplies from Chibitronics were the regular white LED lights and copper tape. 

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If it's crafty I have probably tried it. Or plan to try it tomorrow. I love to be creative in all ways, but I tend to gravitate to making cards, coloring and diecutting. I also have a bad yarn shopping.... ehm... KNITTING... habit. I live in Sweden with my husband, two cute minions (also known as kids) and three dogs. I work from home at a small international development company during the days, and craft while listening to audio books or follow my favourite series at nights and on weekends. I love it when I don't have to leave the house, being an introvert and socially awkward and all. That's why my slippers to shoe ratio is close to 1:1 and I'm not ashamed to admit it ;)

41 thoughts on “Chibitronics meets Lawn Fawn, a match made in heaven

  1. Wow, what a creative & clever card. I love that you gave the light-up planet a little flag to wave – so cute!


  2. I love your card design and the way the astronaut triggers the lights. Also, I noticed that you colored the space suit in earth tones – I’ve only seen it done in greys before; I like the earth tones – something different.


  3. thanks for sharing your hard work with us.
    The card is darling.
    The lights are a great addition to the
    thanks for sharing.


  4. Such a fun card! Love the stamps you used and the addition of the lights to make the card extra special!


  5. It’s amazing how simple it is to light up the sky and how much it adds to a card. Your little astronaut is adorable.


  6. Really amazign love the design!!!! Thank you for showing how you put it together that really helps šŸ˜„


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